Marykirk Village Hall AGM

Marykirk Village Hall is a resource for the use of the community. It is managed by a group of volunteers.

The hall is used by various groups including Mothers and Toddlers, Marykirk School as its gym, WRI, Marykirk Indoor Bowling Club, Marykirk Raft Race to name but a few.

As you may have noticed, an extension to the hall is being built. This is a storage extension and hopefully once it is completed all equipment, tables chairs etc will have somewhere to go. Groups will no longer have to store their equipment in the changing rooms.

We have received various grants to enable us to build the extension, but the amount of money received does not cover all the extras, such as planning permission fees, structural engineer’s report fees etc. Once the extension is completed, we will need appropriate shelving etc to optimise use of this new facility.

It has become increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers to sit on the committee. The majority of the committee members have been on the committee for many years, and new blood is needed with new ideas. Please come along to the AGM and lend your support. Even if you cannot volunteer to sit on the committee, maybe you could offer to organise a one-off fund raising activity to raise the money to enable us to equip the extension with the necessary shelving etc, and also for the various repairs that are now requiring to be carried out.

It is your village hall, and without your support, it may be difficult to keep it maintained to the required standard.

Please come and support us on Monday 21 May 2018.


Marykirk, AB30

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