Auchenblae lies two miles west of Fordoun from the A90. The village joins with the old Kirkton of Fordoun where you will find the parish church and remains of the chapel dedicated to Saint Palladius, the priest who is credited with bringing Christianity to the area. There is also a memorial commemorating the life of George Wishart from Pitarrow who was burnt at the stake by Cardinal Beaton at St. Andrews during the reformation.

The nearby Scottish Episcopal Church of St. Palladius lies in Drumtochty Glen and close to the castle of the same name.

This slight split personality is associated with the different landowners of the area, with the Burnets of Monboddo owning one section while the Earl of Kintore “ruled” Glenfarquhar.

Auchenblae is gaelic for Field of Flowers and it has been suggested that this referred to the blue flowers of the flax which was grown nearby to feed the lint mill. With its steep brae and terraced houses tucked away from view at the foot of the hills, the village has a cosy air to it and has attracted a new generation of inhabitants to the village.

The community runs its own hall, bowling club, golf course and recreation park with tennis courts.

There is a medical centre in the village.

Each June the Drumtochty Highland Games are held on the former cricket pitch below Drumtochty Castle.

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