Laurencekirk to Montrose (Stagecoach) bus timetables Here

Luthermuir/Laurencekirk to Stonehaven (Stagecoach) bus information Here

Scotrail timetables Here

Stagecoach Buses  tel. 01224 597590 Disability helpdesk  tel. 01224 597 599

Hospital and Doctor Transport  Mearns & Coastal Healthy Living Network have volunteer drivers who can take people aged 50+ in the Mearns to medical appointments (a fee will apply). Call 01561 378130.

Red Cross Patient Transport offers a transport service to some medical centres. tel. 01224 647741

Concessionary Travel The Scotland-wide free bus service for older and disabled people  tel. 08456 08 12 00

Taxicard, for those with severe physical disabilities or infirmity, offers reduced rail and taxi fares.

Taxicard, Public Transport Unit, Woodhill House, Westburn Road, Aberdeen, AB16 5GB

Tel. 01224 665566   Email

Disabled Persons Railcard Allows discount of 1/3 on most rail journeys.

Disabled Persons Railcard Office, PO Box 11631, Laurencekirk, AB30 9AA

Tel. 0845 605 0525   Email:

Blue Badge Scheme is designed to help severly disabled people to travel independently by allowing them to park close to their destination.

tel. 01569 768400  Email:




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