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What do we do?

Based in Laurencekirk, we aim to supply Scotland and further afield with a sustainable source of Biomass Fuel, which will save people time, money and also act as an environmentally friendly alternative to burning Oil and Gas, which is currently the Number One Cause for Global Warming and Climate Change. Our products are rigorously and constantly tested to ensure a Quality Guarantee 365 days a year. We are continually looking for ways to better ourselves and upgrade our company so that we can always offer you the best products, service and value available.

What are our main priorities?

At JS Biomass, our highest priority is to supply great quality products; quality is the main pillar we build our company around and without we would simply close our doors. That is why we are constantly trying to upgrade our products and look for new machinery and suppliers in order to be able to deliver the best to our customers. The second most important of our priorities is service; providing a caring, personalised service to our customers with unbeatable lead times is what we are all about. We take the time to find out what it is that each customer needs and tailor their order around that. Providing great value is the third pillar that JS Biomass is based on; we will never look to rip people off, rather provide a brilliant product for the most reasonable price we can afford.

Our Hardwood Bio-Briquettes

Our specially designed Hardwood Bio-Briquettes are manufactured to not just be a replacement, but an upgrade from traditional logs, whether seasoned or kiln dried. They are brilliant for stoves, open fires, multi-fuel burners and log boilers, as well as being great in charcoal barbecues, chimineas and fire pits. They burn hotter, longer and much cleaner than logs, leaving behind little to no ash, meaning there’s far less cleaning up involved. Our Briquettes will burn for more than 2 hours on average and create large, roaring flames due to the fine dust that is used to make them. There is no glue, binders or other adhesives or additives in our Bio-Briquettes; just extremely fine Hardwood Birch and Hickory sawdust compressed with incredible force to create this brilliant product.

Our Premium Biomass Wood Pellets

Our Premium Biomass Wood Pellets come in easy-to-handle bags of 15 kg each, or in large tote bags if required. The pellets themselves are 6 mm in diameter and give off an incredible 4800 kWh of heat per tonne of pellets burnt, with an ash content of <0.2%, which is just 10kg of ash for every 5 tonnes burnt.

Because our Wood Pellets have such a brilliantly low moisture content and tiny dust percentage, they also make for a great upgrade for Horse Bedding and Cat Litter. Where sawdust, straw or wood shavings would traditionally be used in stables, our pellets will give you a great saving in time, money and effort. Their super absorbency locks in any bad odours as well as taking on high amounts of fluid.

Business Website Address: https://www.jsbiomass.co.uk
Business Phone Number: 01561 376935
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