A song written by Rev. John Anderson, and presented at the recent Laurencekirk Burns Appreciation Society’s Supper.

(To the tune of Scots Wha Hae!)

Frae Montrose tae Laurencekirk
In the light or in the mirk
For tae visit or tae work
There’s a road tae cross.
Tho its dual carriageway
It’s the dreaded A90
Speed restrictions say 50
But it must be crossed

Luthermuir doon tae Hillside
(That’s whaur awfy rich folks bide)
When ye gae oot for a ride
There’s a road tae cross.
In yer tractor or a bus-
One o them or one o us
Let us all create a fuss
Mak it safe tae cross

Marykirk tae Auchenblae
Some folk travel every day
Cross the dual Carriageway
Mak it safe tae cross
Fettercairn tae Garvock Hill
Where ye see thon 7 windmill
Birlin roon or standin still
Yet THEY got across

Frae the Sooth up tae the North
Could they build an underpass
Frae the Dee doon tae the Forth
Or a bridge for lad & lass
Laurencekirk up tae Kincorth
That would really be first class
There’s the road tae cross
Mak it safe tae cross

Cameras will check yer speed
Accidents can happen there
Mony drivers dinna heed
Do the politicians care
Some of us may soon be deed
We keep saying its no fail
As we try to cross
Mak it safe tae cross

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