Laurencekirk Business Club devoted their latest meeting on 26th September to guest speaker Jill Fotheringham from the A90/A937 junction/flyover Campaign. She visited the group and spoke passionately about the cause’s developments and the need for its momentum to continue.

Jill, who is a local florist, has been campaigning with Laurencekirk Villages in Control for a flyover at the Montrose to Laurencekirk junction for several years. The Northeast Transport Partnership, Nestrans, also backs the Campaign for a grade-separated junction.

The A90/A937 is a notorious Mearns blackspot for accidents and all campaign members say it is in desperate need for a flyover. Jill stated: “The A937/A90 Montrose to Laurencekirk Junction has long been known as notorious and dangerous. It has been the scene of fatalities, several serious accidents and countless minor accidents and near misses in recent years and is the only A road on the A90 without a graded junction. The campaign to have this junction upgraded with a flyover has gone on for a long time now. Crossing this junction on a stretch of road, which carries approximately 18,000 traffic movements daily, brings long delays, frustration and anger to those who use it. The current safety measures are not working, with countless motorists ignoring the limits. The junction is not coping with the volume of traffic using it and action is needed now. I am sure all people reading this can totally identify with it, so we urge all local residents using these roads to join the A90/A937 Junction Campaign on Facebook and to sign the online petition.”

Her plight was totally supported by all members present at the evening’s meeting, held in the comfort of Hugo’s with Linda Farquharson chairing. LBC encourage everyone to back the Campaign which is growing in momentum, to create a change that will make all our lives safer.

Plans were finalised for the family event to be held at Dizzy Rascals to raise funds for the fireworks. It promised to be an excellent night for all the local residents and families to enjoy.

In addition, plans for the LBC Bonfire Night were thoroughly discussed to ensure we are well underway with funds to host the event. There has been huge local support so far. The time is passing quickly and before we know it the event will be here!

Raffle tickets are currently on sale in Hugo’s with chances to win a host of prizes including the luxury food hamper which will be on display at Hugo’s. Tickets will be drawn on the night of the Firework display. 2nd November.

The next business club meeting is to be held at Hugo’s from 7pm on Tues 29th Oct, please come along and join us!

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