eBid.net is an auction site that has been around since 1998 (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EBid)

Each month a group of sellers host charity auctions for their chosen charity. There is also a charity of the month. This month the charity chosen was Janet’s Trust. Elisabeth Coop, who runs Janet’s Trust says “Twelve children a week die because of undetected heart conditions. By making sure schools are fully equipped with defibrillators it will make the difference between life and death should a child fall ill.

They can also be used by the surrounding community as well.”

Janet’s Trust is the nominated Charity this month on eBid’s YDC Charity Auction and needs some serious money this and next week ~ between 24th – 28th!

If anyone in Laurencekirk has a heart attack it takes a journey of approx 45 minutes (on a good day) to get them from Laurencekirk to the nearest hospital with emergency facilities which is in Aberdeen.

The first 8 minutes after a heart attack are critical.

The money raised for Janet’s Trust on eBid.net during next week’s YDC (Your Donation Counts) Charity Auction will go to help Mearns Academy, Laurencekirk, buy a Defibrillator. Mearns Academy Campus also has a Community Centre on site so a defibrillator there would be really beneficial to the town and could one day save a life, or two or more……

This is what Defibrillators do (except that Mearns Academy won’t buy one like a drone) ~ www.youtube.com/embed/y-rEI4bezWc

Please will you help us to help them?

Go to www.ebid.net and put YDC* in the search box then click on Charity Auctions (top left of page). There you will find items currently listed ~ many of them generously donated by eBid Sellers to support this Defibrillator need ~ and some to support other needy causes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for considering helping us.

Penni Currie

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