During the first quarter of 2016 the Laurencekirk Development Trust (LDT) ran several community engagement open days at Mearns Academy called “Shaping Laurencekirk“. These were to discover what residents of the area felt Laurencekirk currently required, and what was needed to grow in the future. These engagements were a huge success with good turn outs and lively debates!

LDT wishes to thank everyone that participated and provided us with plenty of food for thought. Now we have a new survey which allows you, the community, to democratically decide what you feel are the most important and urgent issues the Trust should focus on next. This survey allows you to rank each of the topics that were gathered from the community engagements of last year.

The more completed surveys we get, the better we will know where to channel our time and energies as we move forward. Therefore please complete a survey and pass it on to someone you know or perhaps a local interest group. Many thanks for your time from everyone at the Laurencekirk Development Trust!

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