The Multi Sports facility at Memorial Park Laurencekirk has been left in a state of neglect for many years now. A small group of volunteers took it upon themselves during the summer months of 2015 to make a difference. The main priority was to try and improve the surface which could make them safe and playable again. Although best efforts were made to improve the surface, the money was not available at the time to do this properly.

The project going forward for summer 2016 is a full rejuvenation of the playing surface at a cost of £6000. The cost outlay is the only way to make the surface safe for the future. After all the work has been completed it will be accessible for members of the community to play football, tennis, basketball and hockey.

The Rejuvenation group have secured funding of £3119, and £1147 was left from the original build of the facility. In order to fund the surplus amount of £1734 the group have volunteered on behalf of the community to organise a Duck Race.

All they ask is for volunteers to come forward to sell 20 tickets each. Please comment below or on Facebook with your name if you wish to sell tickets to support this cause and get the courts ready for Summer. Or, contact one of the the names below. Ducks can also be purchased @ £2 a Duck.

Neil Reid 07824770594
Ryan Arthur 07824770628
Stuart Murray 07850301581
Peter Reid 07595348551

Prize Money: 1st £100, 2nd £75, 3rd £50, 4th £25.

Date TBC.

During clean up

After clean up

May 2016 current condition

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