Kirkwood Homes proposed development of homes to the northwest of Laurencekirk:

Developers are obliged to pay a planning gain charge to help mitigate the impact of new homes in a community. Kirkwood Homes are currently progressing their development plans through the planning process and have asked Laurencekirk Development Trust to nominate popular projects which would serve the enlarged population of the town.

To date the most popular suggestions are a swimming facility for the residents of the Mearns Academy catchment area and a new community centre to accommodate the increasing numbers of clubs and organisations who require suitable accommodation during the school day.

Aberdeenshire wish to close and dispose of the current library, the current community centre and the St. Laurence Hall.

Please give us your suggestions for projects which could be supported in whole or in part from the planning gain charges. Send your suggestions and comments to Laurencekirk Development Trust via the contact link on this site, or leave a comment below.


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