Junior club members participated in an end of season competition on Saturday 7th September at the Laurencekirk Bowling Club. All the junior members have improved greatly over the season. They are all very keen and enjoy sharing their knowledge and helping other younger visitors.

They had a lot of support from family members on Saturday and senior members of the club who watched and played with them. All of the junior members were very kindly given a free pass to the Campus Cinema Club for their good effort over the season. Our thanks to the Cinema Club for their donation.

Before we had our tea and cakes our club president Margaret McNicoll presented the medals and trophy to the winners (pictured below). In third place was Erin Dunbar, in second place was Wayne Mcallan and in first place was Niteesha Shewan. It has been a pleasure working with all the juniors and many thanks to all the adult helpers through this season and we look forward to seeing everyone back for the 2020 season.
Rosemary Reilly

Erin Dunbar, Niteesha Shewan, and Wayne Mcallan

Niteesha Shewan and Wayne Mcallan

Erin Dunbar and Wayne Mcallan


Erin Dunbar and Niteesha Shewan

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