One for the Road?

We take the large deciduous trees for granted but when Dr Johnson and James Boswell passed through the east of Scotland – including Laurencekirk – in the 1770s, Johnson commented that having travelled from Berwick to Peterhead he had not seen a tree older than himself.

Scotland ran short of timber before 1500 and started importing roofing timber from that time.

All the mature deciduous trees we see around the Mearns were planted in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We are the first generation for centuries to witness the resulting landscape we have today.

We must thank the foresight of the “improving” landowners in the Howe for today’s scenery – but what about tomorrow’s? Perhaps we should take note of these trees and put preservation orders on them so that when they are eventually felled we replant to conserve our bonnie views and autumn colours.

Mike Robson

Felled tree, Blackiemuir Avenue

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