2014 is an important year for Mearns Academy, it sees the transition from the old school to the new Mearns Community Campus. This will happen in August, and we are all getting very excited. We have watched the new school going up before our eyes and it is looking fantastic.

With the community’s help there will be a range of events happening to celebrate the closure of the old school – and later on, the opening of the new campus. A pupil led management group are organising an Open Day where there will be a coffee morning, musicians and lots of other activities going on, this is happening on the 14th June. Additionally a Ceilidh Dance for all the community is arranged for all Saturday 28th June, just a week before the current school closes. Tickets will be available to all with current and past connections with the Academy.

To support all of this and other activities, we are really looking for more people from the Mearns community to help. If you would like to be involved then please please advise the school by phone (01561 378817).

Also we are also looking for lots of old school photos to decorate the school for the closing ceremony. If anyone has photos from their school days over the last 80 years could you please bring them along to the Laurencekirk Community Centre, who have kindly agreed to scan your photos for us. You can then take them away again.

It would be great if we could get all the community on board with this, as was done for the opening of the train station, it was such a fantastic day and it would be fabulous if we could do the same for the school closing of the current Academy.
Mearns Academy Community Group

Mearns Academy

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