The waiting is now over. The new community minibus for serving the residents of the Mearns is now ready to start working. Operating under the name of Mearns Minibus Link, a registered charity, the minibus has had its graphics and name emblazoned over the vehicle to ensure everyone can recognise it as it travels around the Mearns.

The vehicle is fully accessible with a tail lift at the rear for wheelchairs, or those with difficulty managing steps. Some of the seats are removable to accommodate 2 wheelchairs simultaneously. The side door opens to reveal a fold down step with handrails either side to aid access and support. All the seats are equipped with head restraints and grab handles for moving about in the vehicle. The seatbelts are “all-age” with an adjustment for smaller children to be safely “belted up”.

In order to cope more efficiently and safely during the current pandemic, we have had a screen installed between the driver and passengers and this adds a further layer of protection to everyone travelling on the vehicle.

Under the present restrictions the maximum capacity will be 3 or 4 passengers including carers if required. However, we hope that we can help in the immediate future to transport patients with doctors or vaccination appointments.

To make arrangements for transport, contact Mearns Minibus Link (Tel. No. 07745337382) or Allan Smith (Tel. No. 07753488679).

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