If you attended the old school before it was elevated to an academy you may be interested in a ledger which has been occupying a corner of the current head teacher’s office.

It contains records of all the pupils attending the school from 1957 to 1974. In addition, it provides details of academic and sporting achievements and the relative successes of Johnston, Thornton and Conveth houses.

A small group attended a meeting organised by librarian Jill Reid, and were encouraged to spread the word to come along to the library on Monday 10th December at 7.00pm, armed with your recollections of the old school.

Memories are rather fickle and recalling with any accuracy the other members of your class is a real challenge. The updated curriculum, extra years of study, changes in discipline and technological advances over recent generations have been dramatic. There seems little to connect with today’s “students”!

Comparing the differences will be very interesting.

The meeting arranged for Monday 10th December is a great opportunity to meet old friends and debate whether these were the best days of your life! See you there!

Mike Robson

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