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Laurencekirk Development Trust have launched a petition calling for the former Mearns Academy playing fields to be retained for the good of the community. The playing fields are under threat of being sold by Aberdeenshire council.

LDT argue that the fields represent a green space that, rather than have more housing added, would be ideal to use for community leisure and sports. Thus, as the population continues to grow, people will be able to engage in activities to promote good health, wellbeing and social skills.

The playing fields have already been used for events such as an archery tournament which brought visitors to Laurencekirk, and trade to our local shops. Retaining community ownership of the fields will allow for many more such events to take place.

Another reason to retain the fields is that the new Academy currently has no natural grass area for sport; some school sports have to take place in the Memorial park instead of the fields opposite the school. There are no facilities for athletics at the new campus. In addition, the playing fields are used by the Mearns Youth Football Club and cross-country runners.

To support the campaign, please sign the petition, to be presented to Aberdeenshire council, HERE.

Laurencekirk playing fields

Old Mearns Academy playing fields

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